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SpaceOMIX is proud to form part of the very first Maltese mission to the International Space Station as part of Project Maleth.

Spearheading genetic research in space. Research for the exploration of space omics data. NASA's GeneLab database is to collect, curate, and provide access to the genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, and metabolomic data from biospecimens flown in space or exposed to simulated space stressors, maximizing their utilization.


Ground-Based & ISS Research

Project Maleth by SpaceOMIX is Malta's first mission to the international space station.  It's a combined biomedical and genetic experiment in space that will set the stage for future Malta missions to ISS and beyond.


Moon Based Research

SpaceOMIX is actively engaged in discussions to design and deliver the next generation of Bio-cubes on the lunar surface in the form of a payload designed as a molecular and genetic laboratory.


Mars Based Research

SpaceOMIX will take the next generation of mobile genetic payloads of the ISS and Moon to Mars in specially modified structures and adapted to the harsh environment of the martian surface.

A new era of space science & space diplomacy

The Government of Malta announced the first scientific programme to be sent to the International Space Station and this will usher Maltese science into a new era of space science and space diplomacy. Access to the space environment, microgravity, and high radiation create a unique opportunity to study various experimental biology experiments and fundamental biomedical science questions that in turn can have implications to real-world clinical problems.

Research Projects


Launch Date August 29, 2021

SpaceOMIX I is a part of Project Maleth, a project whose research mainly focuses on obtaining results that can facilitate and improve precision-based medicine at treating DFUs more efficiently. Project Maleth is Space Omics Analysis of the Skin Microbiome of Diabetic Foot Ulcers or SpaceOMIX.


Launch Date 2022

 ​The SpaceOMIX II mission will continue on the steps achieved and learned following the first SpaceOMIX mission and will focus on blood omics and space-borne anemia. A full genetic study of how erythropoiesis adapts to microgravity and higher levels of radiation will follow.


Laboratory payload on lunar surface

The ​LunarOMIX mission will focus on biological payloads destined to the lunar surface and monitored by remote sensing for their adaption, behavior, and genetic changes. A rapidly evolving, multi-disciplinary, and emerging research that encompasses genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.

About Us

Malta is sending its very first space bioscience experiment entitled SpaceOMIX as a first mission under the Maleth Program. The mission is contracted by NASA and will be flown by SpaceX using the Cargo Dragon C208.

The first mission will be investigating the skin microbiome of diabetic foot ulcers resistant to conventional treatment. Experiments will include a full multi-omic analysis before and after spaceflight takes place. The experiment is also taking a large number of STEM-based science messages from people including school children of all ages to be part of this historic first mission to the International Space Station.

The specially designed Bio-cube is done in collaboration with Space Applications Services based in Belgium.

Next launch of
Bio-cube to ISS

Our team of biomedical scientists is currently preparing for the launch of a proprietary genetic experiment inside the Bio-cube on the International Space Station on August 28, 2021, and will remain in ORBIT till 28th October 2021. 


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Malta is sending its very first space bioscience experiment entitled SpaceOMIX as a first mission under the Maleth Program. The mission is contracted by NASA and will be flown by SpaceX using the Cargo Dragon C208.


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Biomedical Sciences Building, 3rd Floor
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